Apiary & Hive management

Track beehives data

Modernize your beekeeping efforts by using appiary management software. Increase health and productvity of your bees by collecting all data from your hive observations and inspections, such as number of brood frames, food frames, comments for every single colony and keep it in the one place. Get the current status of every single beehive.

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Blooming calendar

Create your own blooming calendar for as many crops as you like and stay prepared for harvesting season. Compare your blooming records from previous seasons and track your daily changes of hive weight. Visualize your data in our charts and choose right timing to move your bees on the next location.

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Revenue and expenses

Track your revenue and expenses on daily basis. Compare it with previous periods and find potential savings or opportunities to extend your revenue. Make financial plans based on monthly summary statements. Filter your expenses by supplier or revenues by your customers for every year.

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Manage your daily tasks

Monitor your activities by adding your daily tasks at “to do” list. Check when you are done and keep all your closed tasks at one place. This is the best way to track your records and observe influence of decisions you made based on beehives activities and productivity. Prepare your activity before you step to apiary and reduce your waste of time.

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Sell your bee products

Create your website

Take a chance to present your bee products online without any coding knowledge. You don't need to spend fortune on your website and lose time and nerves briefing the agency or freelancer to build simple website for your beekeeping business. You can do it now with BeeWeb for less then an hour for the portion of the price.

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Show your products

With BeeWeb account, you can easily show your products to the world. Add product, images of the product, price and description and in no time you will have seling page that you can share to the social networks or advertise wherever you want.

Bee Pollination

List your beehives for pollination

You are well aware why bee pollination is important for mankind, and what it will bring to the growers and farmers around, but you just did not have an option till now to find partners willing to rent your hives and improve yields? Now, you can setup your ad at BeeWeb, and farmers and growers around the country can find you and try to rent your hives for blooming period. ALl you need to do is to setup ad, announce the number of hives you are willing to rent, and what fruits and crops.

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Find food for your bees

Farmers and people around the country can also protect our bees. It is very important to have good places around, where there is enough food for our bees during the year. At BeeWeb you can now search for farmers or regular people who has good locations for your bees, full of food, near some fields or wood where bees can collect nectar.