How to make website for your beekeeping business

Aug 14, 2019

We don't need to explain how important is to have your own website where potential buyers can reach you and see your products and prices.

There are a few options to make your own website, and it doesn't need to bee cost heavy at the end, but also it can look nice and professional.

Until now usual options have been:

  • Pay to someone to make website for you. Either it is local company, or freelancer from abroad, it requires a lot of energy, time and at the end it costs a lot.
  • build it yourself. Buy some WordPress theme designed for beekeeping, check out tutorials on the web and create your own masterpiece. It can be done, it doesn't cost much, but with annual hosting and domain it goes in triple digits. And don't forget to take care about all software updates.

Now you have BeeWeb.

How to create your beekeeping website with BeeWeb